Digital Cemetery

   The software for the Cemetery Management with mapping support



Complete management of the cemetery activities
With Digital Cemetery you can manage all the activities linked to one or more than one cemeteries. The main area are the following ones:
  • Burials
  • Deceased
  • Owners
  • Permissions
  • Billing
Every burial is recognized by the following information:
  • Town/church and cemetery
  • Type (interred, niche in a columbarium, family tomb, etc.)
  • Section, Block, Lot, Grave level, Space level, Depth, Number
  • Description and notes

You can link to every deceased his burial using the mapping search, his registry and medical data.
Every permission is created by selecting the owner and one or more deceased from the owners and decesed list and filling the form with other data as the time length, the startup time, etc.
All the burial and permission characteristics are based on database tables that you can adjust as you want.

Cemetery Activities
With our software you can record all the activities for the cemetery: exhumations, burials, transport permissions, funerals and cremations.

Link to the map for every managed object
Every object managed by the software is displayed in the map, you can browse the map, choose the different layers and the descriptions. Search functions can be executed directly with the map or in a textual way, and later see the results in the map.

Search Functions
Digital Cemetery has fast search functions for every kind of managed data, that you call call from the practical menu in Outlook style.
Every items in the software are linked togheter: from the burials you see the deceased information, from the deceased you arrive to the permissions, the owners and billing data. All the data are managed in a clear and direct way.

Data export and reports
You can export the search results in Excel/OpenOffice format
Reports are based on rtf templates, that you can freely modify by using Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or the inner editor. You can create reports based on pdf, rtf or html format.

Open Standard
Digital Cemetery can be used in a stand-alone configuration with SQLite/Spatialite as database, or in a client-server configuration with PostgreSQL database, both open source database engines that you can use free of charge. These engines require few hardware resources, PostgreSQL runs also on Linux servers.
The map is based on the open standard OpenGIS, supported by Spatialite and PostgreSQL with the PostGIS extension. By using open source software as Udig you can directly modify the map.

Easy to install
The stand-alone configuration has a simply "next next next finished" setup.
The client/server configuration needs also the setup of PostgreSQL, described in a detailed way in the manual.

Digital Cemetery has been developed by the Digital Project company, software house with a great experience in building software for important companies all over the world.

Tecnical Data

Digital Cimitery is based on .NET Framework already installed on all the platforms starting from Microsoft Vista and is an optional component on Microsoft Windows XP, but normally already installed by the latest updates.


Digital Cemetery has the support for different languages:
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