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Funerals and Cremations 

Funerals and Cremations

Digital Cemetery can easy manage all the tasks related to the Funeral orders and Cremation activities.

At the startup you configure the services you are going to offer (for example Blessing, Rosary, Memorial services, Funeral Transportation) and the fees for each task or option using the dedicated form, then you can create Funerals and Cremations orders, print the documents and invoices using the customizable templates.

The archive of purchasers of funeral and cremation services is shared between the other sections of the application, to prevent duplication of information and make easier the search and indexing.

Also the list of deceaseds is common to the other areas of the software.

Funeral Video

Mortuary Police

The activities related to the Funeral and Cremation tasks are included in the most comprehensive section of Mortuary Services Area.
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