Digital Cemetery

   The software for the Cemetery Management with mapping support



Unlike products of competitors the price of Digital Cemetery is fixed and not depending by the numbers of users, the size or quantity of the cemeteries or the amount of owners, contracts, funerals/cremations orders.
All the modules and features, like the digital map, import and export data, connection to different systems, are included and perfectly integrated.
The capacity of managing complex structure and a large quantity of data (many thousand of graves, owners, contracts) is depending only by your server.
No license fee is requested for the database engine, as SQLite (for single workstation) or PostgreSQL (for client/server configuration) are Open Source softwares without limits in the setup and usage.

Our price includes the software, one year of assistence and upgrades.
For the next years the assistance and upgrades service is optional.

Price List
Description Price
Digital Cemetery with free lifetime upgrades and email support  $ 649

Other optional services, like the creation of the digital map starting from your data and the initial configuration of the database (for example sectors, blocks), can be requested and quoted separately, you can download the Price List.

The purchase can be paid using PayPal.

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Digital Cemetery
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