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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. I'm a Funeral Home director and I don't need the map, can I use the software ?
    A. Yes, the map and the cemetery configuration are optional and you can use the software without setting that area

  • Q. I've started to use the software in the single worstation configuration, now I need to share the app and the data with other users, is it possible and how much does it cost the upgrade ?
    A. Yes, you can move to from a single user configuration to a multi user client/server configuration without limit or additional cost, you need to install the PostgreSQL database engine and copy the data using the available function in the software

  • Q. I need to use the map with the functions available in the software but I don't have the skill to create it the CAD from my paper map, do you assist your customers in this step ?
    A. Yes, we can provide the database with the map already loaded starting from your paper map or drawings, please write us to request a quote for this additional service.

  • Q. What kind of information do you need to quote the creation of the map ?
    A. To quote the activity for the creation of the digital map to include in our software we need to know:
    1. the number of cemeteries to manage
    2. the quantity of burial plots for each site
    3. the type and quality of the documents from which we can start the map creation (printed maps, scannerized images, Autocad files), and if it possible a sample of these documents
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